Tips for choosing a primary care provider (PCP)

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Choosing a PCP

The provider you choose is called your primary care provider, or PCP. You will call your PCP for checkups, when you are sick or when you need medical care. Your PCP will get to know you and your health care needs.

If you don't choose a PCP, your health plan will choose a PCP for you. It’s best if you choose a PCP.

Your medical specialist as a PCP

If you have special health care needs, and most of your doctor visits are to a medical specialist, you may be able to choose that doctor as your PCP.

The specialist must be in the health plan you choose and agree to act as your PCP. The health plan also has to agree to the choice. To find out if your specialist can be your PCP, call the health plan you want. To see health plan phone numbers, go to Contacting your plan.

How to choose a PCP

  • If you want to see if you can choose the doctor you have now, go to Find a provider.
  • If you want to find a new doctor, search for doctors near you at Find a provider.

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